A Snapshot of Holiness

The first appearance of the sun was still a few hours away. I was  sandwiched on the couch between my toddler who woke suddenly with a fever and my wife who was struggling with severe asthma. On this day when the larger Catholic Church would celebrate the Holy Family (Mary, Jesus, and Joseph),  I prayerfully recognized… Continue reading A Snapshot of Holiness

Why Mary?

Today, the Catholic Church celebrates the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. This feast recalls Mary's conception in St. Anne's womb without sin. The belief is that for Mary to be the God-bearer, she had to be perfect, thus born without original sin. At the same time, scripture reminds us  that she was very much human.… Continue reading Why Mary?


    The second Sunday of Advent introduces John the Baptist. Beyond the locusts and honey, this intriguing figure invites us to consider repentance and preparation for God. St. John's University, an institution of higher education, with a mission rooted in faith, service, diversity, and academic excellence, while providing a home for often those excluded… Continue reading FINALS WEEK: FINDING AND REFLECTING GOD’S LOVE

Joseph: A Model of Love through Action

It always amazes me that St. Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, has no speaking parts in the Bible. While no quotes are attributed to him, scripture does reveal his lineage, his fear, his dream, his compassion in protecting Mary, and his courageous journey seeking refuge with his beloved Mary, eventually settling in a barn… Continue reading Joseph: A Model of Love through Action

Tis the Season to be Stressed (and Sad)

While listening to sports radio yesterday (it was a big day for fans of the New York Mets, see here if you care), a local commercial concluded by saying, "Tis is the season to be stressed." A play on the familiar seasonal line, "Tis the season to be jolly," it is no secret that that these… Continue reading Tis the Season to be Stressed (and Sad)


Tonight, the Rockefeller Christmas tree will brighten up the New York sky. Towering over 77 feet tall, its caretakers remember when it was once a small sapling planted in 1957 in Orange County, New York. "I always said, 'You're going to be up in Rockefeller Center someday and you're going to be a beautiful tree… Continue reading A CALL TO SHINE BRIGHT