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A Makeover

You likely noticed that www.DrJimmyWalters.com had a renovation. After two years, it was time for an upgrade. It also allowed me to expand the website to include some of the great work that is inspired by my book, Dreams Come True: Discovering God’s Vision for Your Life.

This includes more information on speaking engagements, workshops and trainings, and retreats. I am excited to share these opportunities with a larger audience after facilitating these events locally and at a number of national conferences over the past decade.

This blog has been renamed “Consider This” to focus these reflections as sources of inspiration and hope. This remains faithful to the original intention of this blog which was inspired by my Lenten journey in 2019 to invite deeper thought and insights into matters that connect spirituality, vocations, and our daily lives.

Thank you to all who have visited before, and welcome to all our new visitors who join us on the journey.

Until next time…