Hi, I'm Jimmy


To provide people and organizations with the toolkit to identify and achieve their goals.

By incorporating spiritual, psychological, and organizational and leadership development research and resources, I activate, nurture, and clarify hopes and desires for personal, institutional, and cultural transformation.

My adapted version of Appreciative Inquiry invites participants through 4 steps (Discover-Dream-Design-Deliver), grounded in discernment and mindfulness. 

There is a special focus on  working with faith-based and spiritual individuals and communities to respond to the many injustices and inequalities in our local and global communities.

How Can I Help You

I am here to support you and your team in a  transformative process to animate your dreams.

I Want

I am scheduling virtual events for 2021 to support you and your community in animating your dreams.

In-person speaking engagements for 2022 are also being scheduled now.

Reserve your date while you can. 

I Want

Actively engage your community in self-reflection and individual & institutional transformation.

You will Discover your strengths, Dream of all possibilities, Design and Deliver transformative strategies.

I Want

Let’s create a spiritual experience to take a breath, reconnect, and grow.

I Want

Learn more about my book, Dreams Come True: Discovering God’s Vision for Your Life.