Invite Your Community

& Trainings

Actively engage your community to transform lives and organizations

Goals & Objectives

  • Guide participants and organizations to better identify and utilize their gifts and talents for personal, communal, and structural transformation.
  • Build intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and practical capacities for change.
  • Support participants in identifying and responding to local and global needs that require transformation and support.
  • Co-create a strategic plan to implement goals and leverage talents of individuals and organizations.
  • Incorporate spiritual and reflective practices as appropriate.



Through active participation, you will:

  • Discover tools to better identify individual and organizational gifts and talents.
  • Identify dreams to transform realities.
  • Design strategies to animate hopes and dreams.
  • Be better prepared to begin to make your dreams come true.
  • Receive resources from various spirituality traditions for building inclusive and dynamic communities.
  • Included in all workshops, training and presentations is a complimentary consulting session to best identify the specific needs of the community. This will allow for a tailored approach.