Advocacy: United Nations

As NGO Representative to the United Nations, I give voice to those living in poverty and provides firsthand knowledge to decision makers in areas such as Sustainable Development, Poverty Eradication, Human Rights,  Migration, Climate Change, Financing for Development, Education for Global Citizenship, and Women & Children.

There are currently more than 4,000 NGOs accredited to the Economic Social Council of the United Nations. Twenty-nine of these NGOs represent nearly 100,000 religious serving in 177 countries on behalf of over 200 congregations. Weekly the NGOs are briefed on current issues. Based on their areas of interest and focus, NGOs network through various committees, for learning, research, and advocacy on specific issues. They also sponsor side events – best practices from the grassroots at the UN during major meetings, jointly with other NGOs and Member States. At the same time, each NGO is disseminating information to the sponsoring organization(s), raising awareness, increasing knowledge, and offering suggestions for advocacy.