Time to Push: This Year’s Christmas Miracle

Artist: Mary DuCharme

Four days of labor finally led to two hours of pushing. Suzie, my heroic wife, painfully pushed, 

And pushed,

And pushed.



She pushed,

And pushed

And all along, rhythmically breathed until the doctor convinced her an emergency cesarian section was necessary to deliver her first born into the world.



This was the closest I came to know the pain of childbirth-and it was galaxies away from the reality that Suzie, and all the generations of mothers before and after, experience.



As she pushed,

And pushed,

And pushed,

All I could do was stand by her side.



Like St. Joseph,

he saw Mary, his beloved and God’s favored one, push

And push

And push,

Until Jesus, Emmanuel, God, was born.



As many celebrate Christmas this week, an invitation is planted in your heart.

What is ready to be born?

What unfulfilled dream-planted on your heart by God-is ready to emerge.

Are you ready to push?

And push?

And push?



Mary was favored, as are you.

God designed a plan for you, as God did for Mary, Joseph, and all the generations before us and after.

How will you bring God into this world- this time, not found in an unexpected newborn, but in dreams not yet fulfilled.


Are you ready to push?

And push?

And push?



Mary didn’t push under perfect circumstances.

Rather, quite the opposite.

A misunderstood refugee.

Born into an unjust world, struck by division and corruption, fear and hatred, war and hurt.

Yet, she pushed,

And pushed,

And pushed.



Now, in this chapter in human history, it is your turn to push.

A wounded world, not so different that of the Holy Family.

As tired eyes weep, and exhausted hearts seek, will you push?


Through your yes, your trust, and your push- let this be this year’s Christmas miracle.



Push through the self-doubt, the excuses, the fear.

Push through the pain, the hurt, the confusion.


And push,

And push.


Push, until your dream-God’s dream-becomes a reality.


Dr. Jimmy Walters

Dr. Jimmy Walters is a thought leader on fatherhood, faith, and baseball. His most recent book, Batter Up: Answering the Call of Faith & Fatherhood, celebrates fatherhood and faith, using the metaphor of baseball. Walters is also the host of a podcast series that celebrates other dads.
He also advocates for human rights as NGO Representative to the United Nations for the Sisters of Charity Federation. He previously served in leadership in ministry at St. John’s University (NY).
Jimmy lives on Long Island, with his beloved wife, Suzie and his amazing daughters, Shea and Lily. They are huge Mets fans.

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