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It Won’t Be Like This For Long

“It won’t be like this for long.” These words played earlier this morning as the backdrop to the daily routine of preparing meals and steaming clothes for the day. This song, sung by Darius Rucker, was an early morning wake up call to appreciate… Continue Reading “It Won’t Be Like This For Long”

Lessons from a 2-year old

  This series of posts will focus on lessons taught by  an incredible daughter to her admiring parent.   “I’m a good girl,” said Shea, my 2-year old toddler said in response to her sleeping in her own bed the night before. “Of course… Continue Reading “Lessons from a 2-year old”


What is your earliest memory? Often people can recall a moment around 5-years old. Imagine that there was a time in your life when you could recall an even earlier memory, even as back to the day you were born. Wayne Dyer in his… Continue Reading “DO YOU REMEMBER?”


Top 9, 2 outs, 2 strikes, 2 outs. My daughter sat on my lap, and we chanted “Let’s Go Mets,” hoping against hope. Curtis Grandson sent the next pitch over the right-center field wall to tie the game, and I erupted with joy. Shea,… Continue Reading “FEVER PITCH”

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