I am not an angry person, I thought at first. It turns out, I was wrong. Sometimes in life, God invites us into a deeper reflection. For me, as well as for many others, this invitation often comes in the form of signs. Specifically, it is the consistent re-emergence of a theme or idea that... Continue Reading →

To Know God

Around five years ago, I led a group of students on a pilgrimage to Paris and Rome. While in Rome, we had lunch with the Daughters of Charity, a religious community of women who, as one of their website writes, "devote their lives to serving the poorest and most abandoned individuals in today’s society." Fr.... Continue Reading →


This past weekend, my daughter discovered dandelions. A whole field of them. The flowers were less fortunate as they were picked one by one to fill this toddler's temporary obsession. Her chubby hand clenched on to each flower as they each were special to her in their own way. As most adults walked by the... Continue Reading →


The screensaver of my laptop is a moving slideshow of pictures of my daughter. As she turns 9 months tomorrow, I am struck by how much she has grown. It feels like yesterday when we took her home from the hospital. As crazy as these weeks and months have been, I recognize that my daughter... Continue Reading →


"I love you Shea." If you stood outside the walls of my apartment, you would hear this phrase coming from inside. You would hear it often. It is said with great passion and energy. You would also hear baby talk that follows. At nine-months, Shea says it back in the way she can communicate. She... Continue Reading →


  In anticipation of Father's Day this Sunday, I am sharing a series of reflections on my new journey of fatherhood. This reflection was written in mid-January 2017. It could be 4am, when I went to bed at 12. It could be after her screams woke up the apartment complex. It could be in the middle of... Continue Reading →

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