The second Sunday of Advent introduces John the Baptist. Beyond the locusts and honey, this intriguing figure invites us to consider repentance and preparation for God. St. John's University, an institution of higher education, with a mission rooted in faith, service, diversity, and academic excellence, while providing a home for often those excluded… Continue reading FINALS WEEK: FINDING AND REFLECTING GOD’S LOVE

Do You Love Me?

  Three times in the Gospel from yesterday's Catholic Mass (John 21:1-19), Jesus asks Peter: "Do You Love Me? Three times, each time erasing the three denials by Peter before the cock crowed, just weeks before. As I heard this Gospel proclaimed last night, I heard Jesus in my heart as me the same question.… Continue reading Do You Love Me?

Your Resurrection

Jesus rose from the dead 2,000 years ago, celebrated by Christians yesterday and again, next Sunday. The lenten preparation of the past month-and-a-half was an invitation to your own transformation, or rather, resurrection. What has changed over the past six weeks? What died within you that needed to end so you can better live? How… Continue reading Your Resurrection


There is so much to say about the likely vote tomorrow that will grant Judge Brett Kavanaugh one of the most powerful positions in the world for the rest of his life. I wish to focus this reflection on President Donald Trump's speech earlier this week mocking Dr. Christine Blasey Ford at a rally in… Continue reading TRUMP’S MESSAGE TO THE CHILDREN


This reflection is in response to the recent Church scandal of sexual abuse, and the divisive acts by some of its leaders over the past week. Over 800 years ago, while praying before a crucifix in San Damiano, Assisi, Jesus spoke to a young man names Francis. These words were spoken: “Go repair my Church, which… Continue reading OUR SAN DAMIANO MOMENT


As May came to a close, the newest season of House of Cards returned on Netflix. It is a binge-worthy show, with fascinating, believable (and unbelievable) storylines, intriguing characters, and enough violence and suspense to keep the viewer engaged for hours at a time. Much has been written about this popular show as it is… Continue reading ROOTING FOR UNDERWOODS