The second Sunday of Advent introduces John the Baptist. Beyond the locusts and honey, this intriguing figure invites us to consider repentance and preparation for God. St. John's University, an institution of higher education, with a mission rooted in faith, service, diversity, and academic excellence, while providing a home for often those excluded… Continue reading FINALS WEEK: FINDING AND REFLECTING GOD’S LOVE

To Know God

Around five years ago, I led a group of students on a pilgrimage to Paris and Rome. While in Rome, we had lunch with the Daughters of Charity, a religious community of women who, as one of their website writes, "devote their lives to serving the poorest and most abandoned individuals in today’s society." Fr.… Continue reading To Know God

So Much to Learn

  A few years ago, I was away with my wife, Suzie, for a weekend getaway. After a day of exploring, we went to an observatory on the North Fork of Long Island for an opportunity to view the stars from advanced telescopes. I was moved by the generosity and passion of the volunteers who… Continue reading So Much to Learn


What if we looked at death, not as the end, but as something new, something better. One of the challenges that we face in achieving this perspective is our foundation. We do not fully trust, despite the many, many promises of great spiritual minds and leaders providing centuries of messages that God has delivered in… Continue reading DO NOT BE AFRAID

Do You Love Me?

  Three times in the Gospel from yesterday's Catholic Mass (John 21:1-19), Jesus asks Peter: "Do You Love Me? Three times, each time erasing the three denials by Peter before the cock crowed, just weeks before. As I heard this Gospel proclaimed last night, I heard Jesus in my heart as me the same question.… Continue reading Do You Love Me?

Inspiring Tunes: A Simple Song

In my head these days, the tune to country star Chris Stapleton's "A Simple Song" is on repeat. This refrain keeps playing: But I love my life Man it's something to see It's the kids and the dogs and you and me It's the way it's alright when everything goes wrong It's the sound of… Continue reading Inspiring Tunes: A Simple Song

Let It Be & Let It Go

For several generations, the Beatles hit "Let it Be," has captured the love and admiration of western civilization. When Paul McCartney discussed the origins of the lyrics with James Corden last year, we were reminded of the depth of this music and its special place in our own stories. In 2013, the Disney film Frozen introduced… Continue reading Let It Be & Let It Go