I’ve Got the Month of May

Shea, my 2 and 2/3 year old toddler, plays a new game in the car. As soon as we pull away and set forth on the road, she removes her sneakers and socks with a mischievous smile. Once her feet are free, she looks into the rear view mirror and says, "hold my feet daddy."… Continue reading I’ve Got the Month of May


One of the pitfalls of social media besides the freedom to spew negativity with little to no consequences is the temptation to measure yourself against the photographs of "friends." It is human nature I guess. You see an image of these "friends" and you compare. We do not know the story behind, before, or after… Continue reading TRUSTING IN GOD


Look at this photo. My daughter, almost 2, marveled at the real fish and sharks at the Philadelphia Aquarium this past week. This picture captures her amazement beneath the artistic interpretation of swimming fish between exhibits. I am struck by her eyes. They are filled with joy. They are seeking, striving, reaching. Her imagination is… Continue reading THRU THE EYES OF A CHILD


Last year was my first Father's Day. It was special. I recall receiving a complimentary beer at brunch, and feeling that "I earned this one." Almost 365 days later, I approach this day with two overwhelming emotions: pride and despair. Two emotions that do not often accompany one another. Yet this time they go hand-in-hand.… Continue reading LOVING AS A DAD


The screensaver of my laptop is a moving slideshow of pictures of my daughter. As she turns 9 months tomorrow, I am struck by how much she has grown. It feels like yesterday when we took her home from the hospital. As crazy as these weeks and months have been, I recognize that my daughter… Continue reading APPRECIATING TODAY


In anticipation of Father's Day this Sunday, I am sharing a series of reflections on my new journey of fatherhood. This reflection was written in last June, before Father's Day 2016. Johnson's new commercial on fatherhood is a hype video for new and preparing dads. You can watch it here. I came upon it while… Continue reading FATHER’S DAY COMMERCIAL


Most Americans would argue that although they love television, they recognize that not all of the images and words portrayed through their flat screen are good for the soul. We appropriately respond with disgust when a minority group is misrepresented, but what about dad's. As Father's Day approaches, it is an opportunity for us to… Continue reading DAD or D’OH