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split pea soup for the soul

I love cooking, and the holiday break presents time for greater exploration with new recipes. Yesterday, I checked off split pea soup from my list of meals to attempt. It was phenomenal (if I can say so myself). The fresh ham bone from the… Continue Reading “split pea soup for the soul”

a new and different beginning: a note to college students

Well, this is going to be different. For returning students, your college experience this year will not resemble your past. For new students, your expectations and hopes for the traditional college experience will have to wait for safer days. Until then, we are faced… Continue Reading “a new and different beginning: a note to college students”

A Different Holy Week

Well, this will be different. Holy Week for many Christians, as well as for many other faithful who worship significant holidays during this time of year, will soon realize that this too is unfamiliar. We will trade in our traditions and our comfort for… Continue Reading “A Different Holy Week”


It was the summer of 2007, and I was blessed to co-lead a group of St. John’s University students on a service pilgrimage to Lourdes, France. A quick history lesson: Lourdes was a poor town where a teenage girl named Bernadette lived. In 1858,… Continue Reading “LOOKING FOR A MIRACLE”

What Can Our Sins Teach Us?

During this holy season, we may find ourselves focusing on the notions of sin and repentance. As difficult as this may be, exploring our sins present an opportunity for us to learn some important lessons about ourselves so we may truly grow in relationship… Continue Reading “What Can Our Sins Teach Us?”

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