Somewhere He is doing something lovingly to you, even when what you experience is only hurt. Is He carving out a cave to dwell in? If so, the cutting away of rocks might hurt very much and you might not be aware of the space He is creating for Himself. -Henri Nouwen, Love, Henri: Letters… Continue reading IN THE HURT, FINDING GOD


You know the feeling. It is deep within your stomach, your gut. It guides your decisions if you pay attention. If you ignore it, you often regret it. In a moment of indecision, someone has surely said, "what does your gut say?" We give this concept of "gut" a great deal of credit. We do… Continue reading FOLLOWING YOUR GUT


In an effort to write often and effectively for this blog, I am taking an open-ear approach to my writing. In simple terms- I listen and then I write. I listen for what other's say, paying attention to what strikes me as significant. I wonder, could this be the topic of my daily post. If… Continue reading IT’S NOT ABOUT ME


The screensaver of my laptop is a moving slideshow of pictures of my daughter. As she turns 9 months tomorrow, I am struck by how much she has grown. It feels like yesterday when we took her home from the hospital. As crazy as these weeks and months have been, I recognize that my daughter… Continue reading APPRECIATING TODAY


In anticipation of Father's Day this Sunday, I am sharing a series of reflections on my new journey of fatherhood. This reflection was written in last June, before Father's Day 2016. Johnson's new commercial on fatherhood is a hype video for new and preparing dads. You can watch it here. I came upon it while… Continue reading FATHER’S DAY COMMERCIAL


What do folding chairs have to do with youth ministry? In some parishes, it is everything. In my experience in ministering in, and consulting with, multiple parishes, and in talking with young people for over two decades,there is a temptation to involve the younger members of the faith community by inviting them to fold chairs,… Continue reading MORE THAN FOLDING CHAIRS