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Ash Wednesday: Fall In Love with God

    A very blessed Ash Wednesday to you all. As we begin this Lenten journey, allow me to share my reflection (adapted for this site) offered this morning  at an Ash Wednesday prayer service on the Queens campus of St. John’s University in… Continue Reading “Ash Wednesday: Fall In Love with God”


Michelangelo, the famous Renaissance artist, approached sculpting as a process to “set free” angels. He would pick the right block of rigid stone, and through a discovery process, chip away until he set the angel, or statue, free. While he spoke of stone, you… Continue Reading “SET FREE YOUR INNER ANGEL”


Your dreams are about to come true. Over the next month, you are invited on a journey. This adventure will take you down a road of self-discovery. This time will be one of reflection, growth, and service. Using the principles of Appreciative Inquiry, each… Continue Reading “DREAMS COME TRUE”

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