Look at this photo. My daughter, almost 2, marveled at the real fish and sharks at the Philadelphia Aquarium this past week. This picture captures her amazement beneath the artistic interpretation of swimming fish between exhibits. I am struck by her eyes. They are filled with joy. They are seeking, striving, reaching. Her imagination is... Continue Reading →


In anticipation of Father's Day this Sunday, I am sharing a series of reflections on my new journey of fatherhood. This reflection was written in late January 2017.   These little fingers, only 16 weeks old. Grasping on to my one finger, just a tad older at 1,913 weeks. This small hand, grasping on with... Continue Reading →


What do folding chairs have to do with youth ministry? In some parishes, it is everything. In my experience in ministering in, and consulting with, multiple parishes, and in talking with young people for over two decades,there is a temptation to involve the younger members of the faith community by inviting them to fold chairs,... Continue Reading →


Most Americans would argue that although they love television, they recognize that not all of the images and words portrayed through their flat screen are good for the soul. We appropriately respond with disgust when a minority group is misrepresented, but what about dad's. As Father's Day approaches, it is an opportunity for us to... Continue Reading →


Is there anything in this world like it? A child looking into your eyes, and he or she smiles. It is the most genuine gesture in this fine world, a great gift from the greatest of gifts. My daughter is 8 months old, and she has been smiling for all of her short life. Recently,... Continue Reading →

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