Reviews & Endorsements

Batter Up is an inspiring book for dads of all ages and all baseball fans. James Walters’s stories and spiritual insights demonstrate his love of fatherhood and baseball. You will find in this book an invitation to live your calling as a father with greater joy and passion.

-Bobby Valentine, Former MLB Player and Manager

In a world that subtlety tempts us to believe that we are neither loveable nor loved, James Walters offers us an invitation to discover otherwise. By guiding us on an inner journey of self-discovery and helping us to encounter the saving, healing love of God, we rediscover the liberating truth that God invites us to dream deeply, to live in hope and to change the world with courage and purpose.

Bishop Frank Caggiano, Diocese of Bridgeport

Baseball is synonymous with religion. After all, the first words in the Bible are “In the beginning.” Baseball is America’s great secular religion. It reflects who we are and what we aspire to be. Faith is the heartbeat of every baseball fan. Every father who has handed down baseball to the next generation owes Jimmy Walters a debt of gratitude for this love letter to them and to his God. The timing of this book for our troubled world is impeccable. 

-Ed Randall, Host, “Remember When,” Sirius/XM Radio

Dreams Come True isn’t just written, it’s curated. So many voices, so much wisdom, all opening us up to God’s possibilities. It’s perfect for those who stand overwhelmed before the wholeness of life ahead, and for those of us about to turn 60 who are still wondering what we’re going to be when we grow up.

Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, CM, President, Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities

Walters invites fathers and fathers-to-be to live into this heart-expanding time, fully embracing the joys and challenges of this important vocation.”

-Jennifer Sawyer, Editor-in-Chief of Busted Halo

Walters also awakened me to how I am limiting myself by not dreaming big and not thinking about what I want my life to look like several years from now. I realized how I am thinking mostly about the next project and the next thing on my to-do list, and as a result I am keeping myself small. 

Connecting to God’s purpose, to each other, to all of creation, we open ourselves up to so much more. And while that may sound hard to do, this book walks you through several easy and accessible activities to figure out how to do that in your daily life. I’m so grateful I read this book  – I’ve started shifting my daily habits and perspective and am seeing the difference.

-Amazon Review, “Dreams Come True.”