So Much to Learn

  A few years ago, I was away with my wife, Suzie, for a weekend getaway. After a day of exploring, we went to an observatory on the North Fork of Long Island for an opportunity to view the stars from advanced telescopes. I was moved by the generosity and passion of the volunteers who… Continue reading So Much to Learn

I’ve Got the Month of May

Shea, my 2 and 2/3 year old toddler, plays a new game in the car. As soon as we pull away and set forth on the road, she removes her sneakers and socks with a mischievous smile. Once her feet are free, she looks into the rear view mirror and says, "hold my feet daddy."… Continue reading I’ve Got the Month of May

From the Iron Throne to the Golden Rule

SPOILER ALERT: This article includes details from the finale of Game of Thrones The flames of Drogon melted the Iron Throne, ending "the cycle" of dictatorship and unfortunate deaths that plagued the world of Game of Thrones for centuries. In its place, Bran "the Broken" now reigns as the wise, forever-knowing king of the six… Continue reading From the Iron Throne to the Golden Rule

Real Horror After GOT

This article includes SPOILER ALERTS for Game of Thrones. In the series finale of Game of Thrones, the signature episode twist occurred when lead character Daenerys was killed by Jon Snow. Her remaining dragon, Drogon, nudged her dead body in what was a moving and emotional scene. Drogon, realizing his mother's death, was a tough… Continue reading Real Horror After GOT

Let’s Go: A Message for College Graduates

It is that time if year. Across college and high school and elementary and junior high school campuses, graduates and faculty will wear fancy robes, loves ones will shine with pride, and very smart and wealthy people will go on and on with messages of hope, success, and gratitude. Several years ago, I was honored… Continue reading Let’s Go: A Message for College Graduates


What if we looked at death, not as the end, but as something new, something better. One of the challenges that we face in achieving this perspective is our foundation. We do not fully trust, despite the many, many promises of great spiritual minds and leaders providing centuries of messages that God has delivered in… Continue reading DO NOT BE AFRAID