Inspiring Tunes: A Simple Song

In my head these days, the tune to country star Chris Stapleton's "A Simple Song" is on repeat. This refrain keeps playing: But I love my life Man it's something to see It's the kids and the dogs and you and me It's the way it's alright when everything goes wrong It's the sound of… Continue reading Inspiring Tunes: A Simple Song

Let It Be & Let It Go

For several generations, the Beatles hit "Let it Be," has captured the love and admiration of western civilization. When Paul McCartney discussed the origins of the lyrics with James Corden last year, we were reminded of the depth of this music and its special place in our own stories. In 2013, the Disney film Frozen introduced… Continue reading Let It Be & Let It Go


Michelangelo, the famous Renaissance artist, approached sculpting as a process to “set free” angels. He would pick the right block of rigid stone, and through a discovery process, chip away until he set the angel, or statue, free. While he spoke of stone, you are invited“set free” the beauty that exists within you. Within all… Continue reading SET FREE YOUR INNER ANGEL


  “When you get your, 'Who am I?', question right, all of your,'What should I do?' questions tend to take care of themselves” ― Richard Rohr, Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life Who am I? I am a father, a husband, a son, a friend, a colleague, a minister, an author,… Continue reading WHO AM I?

Embracing the Cracks in Our Lives

When we are hurt, our lives crack. Like a vase, that break changes things. Even when glued together, that scar remains. At the time when our wounds are formed, it can be incredibly difficult and overwhelming. In my recent past, I suffered one of my largest cracks to date. “It f’n sucks,” a close friend… Continue reading Embracing the Cracks in Our Lives