Top 9, 2 outs, 2 strikes, 2 outs. My daughter sat on my lap, and we chanted "Let's Go Mets," hoping against hope. Curtis Grandson sent the next pitch over the right-center field wall to tie the game, and I erupted with joy. Shea, my 9 month-old daughter, was a bit confused at first. I... Continue Reading →


"I love you Shea." If you stood outside the walls of my apartment, you would hear this phrase coming from inside. You would hear it often. It is said with great passion and energy. You would also hear baby talk that follows. At nine-months, Shea says it back in the way she can communicate. She... Continue Reading →


  In anticipation of Father's Day this Sunday, I am sharing a series of reflections on my new journey of fatherhood. This reflection was written in mid-January 2017. It could be 4am, when I went to bed at 12. It could be after her screams woke up the apartment complex. It could be in the middle of... Continue Reading →


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