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Tonight, Hall of Famer and New York Mets legend, Tom Seaver, transitioned to the other side at the age of 75. While never seeing him pitch live, I certainly appreciate his impact on this team and this town. But for a more seasoned generation,… Continue Reading “WHEN OUR HEROES DIE”

Higher Education 2020: a new reality

Last week, I taught my first college course in this new virtual reality. In any other year, my first class of a new academic year would have occurred in a large classroom with 30 or so intrigued first-year students. This time, I stood in… Continue Reading “Higher Education 2020: a new reality”

a new and different beginning: a note to college students

Well, this is going to be different. For returning students, your college experience this year will not resemble your past. For new students, your expectations and hopes for the traditional college experience will have to wait for safer days. Until then, we are faced… Continue Reading “a new and different beginning: a note to college students”


“I’m stuck dad.” These words came from Shea, my almost 4-year old daughter, as she lifted herself off the step stool to see her reflection in the mirror earlier this morning. Holding on to the top of the dresser and not feeling the stool… Continue Reading “FINDING GOD IN THE STORM”

When Opportunity Knocks…

For this past week, onInstagram, I have been inviting this virtual community (as well as myself) to transform their lives and the lives of others. I often focus on the better utilization of our God-given gifts and talents as a path to living a… Continue Reading “When Opportunity Knocks…”

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