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Last year, Ash Wednesday occurred on February 26th. We marked our heads with ashes before we covered our faces with masks. Three days later, the first known Covid-related death was recorded in the United States. As the questions were raised and fear grew, the… Continue Reading “STUMBLING INTO LENT”


This day, can you be grateful for your 20,000 breaths your abilities and your disabilities your shelter your nourishment your strength your rest your courage your kindness your contagious laugh your unwelcomed tears your earned wrinkles your gray strands of hair your smile in… Continue Reading “CAN YOU BE GRATEFUL?”

a COVID invitation for transformation

When I was a child, I remember my teacher asking us to create caterpillars out of egg cartons. We colored it with our favorite markers and drew a smiley face on the front to make it our own. When we returned the next morning,… Continue Reading “a COVID invitation for transformation”

review dreams come true

Hopefully by now, you have grabbed your copy of Dreams Come True! If so, please leave a review on Amazon. You can click here, scroll down to reviews, and provide a score out of 5 stars and/or leave a brief review. Why is this… Continue Reading “review dreams come true”

all you need is love

Did you feel that anxiety this morning? Maybe it started last night. The first Monday of the new year. The return to school for most children and teachers. The unofficial start date to healthier eating, increased exercise, and improved productivity. After a horrific 2020,… Continue Reading “all you need is love”

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