What is this life for?

Five words. One question. Tormenting and challenging, generation after generation.

The answer to this fundamental question drives all that we do. From the relationships we value, to how we spend our limited days on this planet.

We may not always name the answer, but our actions certainly reveal what is behind the curtain.

This site attempts to lead us closer to an answer we are at peace with, recognizing the answer may be different for each one of us. Born with a purpose, with specific talents and gifts, we are wanderers who are searching for direction.

Through reflections, questions and wisdom of many others, this site attempts to help you and me find the answer and answers.

Based on my religious upbringing, spiritual teachers, and my own experiences and reflection, I truly believe that we are all made in the image and likeness of God.

We are here for a reason. At this point in time, in history, we breathe. We are here for more than survival and more than making money. We are here to be in relationship with God and with one another.

Unwrapping this is a life-long process. We may find this to be as difficult as it is easy at different points in our life, and yes, at times, in different points in our day.

We may be uncomfortable with our present answer and our current situation. We may be at peace, striving for what is next while recognizing our current state with gratitude.

Together, this site strives to search for answers.

One last thought. As I fundamentally believe in our God-like nature and our role for and with others, I also believe in living a life of gratitude and appreciation.

By being a grateful people, we may take less things for granted. We can see the negative as an opportunity. We see the positive as a reassurance that we are moving in the right direction.

By showing appreciation, we move beyond just tolerating and respecting others and ourselves. Appreciation takes this to a higher level. It captures the Spirit moving within us. There is a higher purpose and meaning to each moment in time, when we are aware.

Join me in this process of discovery, one grounded in gratitude and appreciation. Together, we will grow together to understanding what this life is for and what our role is within it.

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