Batter Up: Answering the Call of Faith & Fatherhood

is a home run for dads of any age,

and all discerning fatherhood or entrusted with the care of others.

Readers will be inspired by the intersection of baseball, faith, and the unique vocation of fatherhood as they seek

a closer relationship with God, their children, and their fellow dads.

Using personal anecdotes and cherished stories from the game, the author takes the reader on the blessed journey

from Opening Day of fatherhood, through the joys and sufferings of the seasons of life,

all leading to a safe return home to God.


Batter Up is a celebration of baseball and fatherhood. On the summer when my father, Gil Hodges, is enshrined in Cooperstown, this book invites all fathers to live a Hall of Fame life for their children.​
Gil Hodges, Jr.
Executive Director Gil Hodges Organization for Children & Families
Batter Up is an inspiring book for dads of all ages and all baseball fans. James Walters’s stories and spiritual insights demonstrate his love of fatherhood and baseball. You will find in this book an invitation to live your calling as a father with greater joy and passion.
Bobby Valentine
Former MLB Manager and Player
Baseball is synonymous with religion. After all, the first words in the Bible are “In the beginning.” Baseball is America’s great secular religion. It reflects who we are and what we aspire to be. Faith is the heartbeat of every baseball fan. Every father who has handed down baseball to the next generation owes Jimmy Walters a debt of gratitude for this love letter to them and to his God. The timing of this book for our troubled world is impeccable.
Ed Randall
Host, “Remember When,” Sirius/XM Radio
Dr Jimmy Walters book Batter Up puts faith, fatherhood and baseball in the proper perspective. I encourage everyone to read this book.
Ed Blankmeyer
Chicago Cubs Minor League Coach, Hall of Fame College Baseball Coach
Walters invites fathers and fathers-to-be to live into this heart-expanding time, fully embracing the joys and challenges of this important vocation
Jen Sawyer
Editor in Chief, Busted Halo
As a former baseball player and father to two sons, Walters book really hits home for me. This book was a wonderful reminder of the importance of family and faith and gives a great perspective on what should be prioritized in your daily life.
Ed Kull
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports & Sr. Executive Director of Development, Fordham University
Whether you are a fan of baseball or any other sport, Batter Up by Dr. James Walters provides busy fathers with the inspiration to slow down and recommit to the vocation of fatherhood
Mike St. Pierre
Executive Director, Catholic Campus Ministry Association
Dr. Jimmy Walters signing copies of his book, Batter Up, in Cooperstown, NY during Induction Weekend 2022.