Day 2: Where Does It Hurt?

This is the first reflection in a month long series titled, 30 Days of Healing, as we seek to be instruments of peace and change. "Where Does It Hurt?" This is the question we must be asking ourselves. Equally important, this is the question we must be asking others, especially those most impacted by the... Continue Reading →


“In a world so torn apart by rivalry, anger, and hatred, we have the privileged vocation to be living signs of a love that can bridge all divisions and heal all wounds.” -Henri Nouwen The wounds are raw. The fear of viruses, racism, violence, and death is roaring. Division is growing, and hearts are breaking.... Continue Reading →

A Saint for Our Times

Today, the Church celebrates St. Louise de Marillac. It is appropriate on this Mother's Day weekend that we honor and recall the life of this wife, mother, teacher, nurse, social worker, mentor, and spiritual leader. During this pandemic, many of you might relate to one of St. Louise's vocations. All are proving to be even... Continue Reading →

A Life with God

"I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly" This, the final sentence of today's Gospel for "Good Shepherd Sunday," challenging us to ask- do we have more life because of our relationship with God? During these challenging days, it is expected to feel those real, yet draining emotions, that take... Continue Reading →


During this pandemic, you likely heard, and may have even uttered the words, "new normal." This oxymoron is the light at the end of the tunnel, when we look forward to reuniting with family, friends, colleagues, and peers. We anticipate these gatherings will be different, likely featuring face masks and social distancing for at least... Continue Reading →

An Appreciative Approach

Two weeks ago, Dreams Come True: Discovering God's Vision for Your Life was introduced to the world. The three goals of the book are to help the audience reconnect with God (higher power), to rediscover their true self, and to recommit to service. These goals are brought to life in four steps. These steps are inspired by... Continue Reading →

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