Dr. Jimmy Walters


James R. Walters, Ed.D., is a lay leader, scholar, researcher, author, presenter, and teacher in spirituality and ministry. He is the Director of the Catholic Scholars program, as well as the Director of Residence Ministry at St. John’s University. Walters is also faculty in the Graduate School of Education and the Institute for Core Studies. He also works with the Diocese of Brooklyn in youth ministry and faith formation. His new book, Dreams Come True: Discovering God’s Vision for Your Life, published by New City Press, is now available on Amazon.

Walters has advanced degrees in instructional leadership, theology and counseling. He facilitates workshops and presents on Appreciative Inquiry and Spirituality on both the local and national level.

Jimmy lives in Queens, New York, with his beloved wife, Suzie, and their amazing daughters, Shea and Lily.

Interests include baseball (Mets), art, theatre, spiritual self-help, country and “oldies” music, and politics.





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