A Summer Saturday Reflection

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash


I am holding on to the present- by way of reflection, photographs, and gratitude.

How hard it is to stay focused on the now. Regret from the past and anxiety for the future must be tamed. Insecurities accepted and fear surrendered.

Just when I find a home in right now, I am invited to let go.

As the majestic colors of a sunset fade into darkness, so will the present- only contained in a precious and fragile memory.

I find myself pondering as the night closes the day’s chapter:

My children will never be this age again. Nor will I.

Did my last encounter with a loved one already occur?

Where is God, right now- in this breath, in my surroundings, in my heart?

Finding the divine in this moment is getting easier. Letting go, not so much.

Dr. Jimmy Walters

James R. Walters, Ed.D., is a lay leader, scholar, researcher, author, presenter, and teacher in spirituality and ministry. He is the Director of the Catholic Scholars program, as well as the Director of Residence Ministry at St. John’s University. Walters is also faculty in the Graduate School of Education and the Institute for Core Studies. He also works with the Diocese of Brooklyn in youth ministry and faith formation.

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