This day, can you be grateful for

  • your 20,000 breaths
  • your abilities and your disabilities
  • your shelter
  • your nourishment
  • your strength
  • your rest
  • your courage
  • your kindness
  • your contagious laugh
  • your unwelcomed tears
  • your earned wrinkles
  • your gray strands of hair
  • your smile in hearing a familiar tune or friendly voice
  • your memories of those who loved you
  • your memories of those you loved in return
  • your God who lives within you and loves you unconditionally
  • your technology that connects you to others
  • your Spirit that connects you to God
  • your pain to discover grace
  • your loss to find appreciation
  • your rejections to find better
  • your faith
  • your reconciliation with lost friends before all was lost
  • your reconciliation with God
  • your reconciliation with self
  • your voice to be heard
  • your ears to listen
  • your nose to remind you
  • your eyes to discover
  • your hands to embrace
  • your past to teach you
  • your journey to finally let go and let be
  • your 24 hours to soak in the magnificence that is this unpromised day

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