all you need is love

The New Year’s Eve Ball photographed as it is raised at 1 Times Square in New York City on December 31st, 2012.

“In the evening of life, we will be judged on love alone.”

-St John the Cross

Did you feel that anxiety this morning?

Maybe it started last night.

The first Monday of the new year. The return to school for most children and teachers. The unofficial start date to healthier eating, increased exercise, and improved productivity.

After a horrific 2020, many are looking at this new chapter as a fresh start- an opportunity to fill in the gaps and to make necessary changes, all while keeping a distance with masks still on face accompanied by very clean, yet dried out hands.

As I felt this “rush” as I gulped my first and second cups of coffee, my anxiety was calmed by watching my two children play by the soon to be taken down Christmas tree.

They did not feel the pressure of their fresh to-do lists. Instead, they just loved one another and they were very much present to the moment and task at hand- my oldest building blocks, and my youngest attempting to crawl.

No matter what tasks must be completed this day and this year, no matter what resolution is going strong or yet to begin, remember to remain gratefully present and most of all, love!

Love your neighbor and stranger, alike.

Love by being selfless instead of selfish.

Love God first.

Be loved by God first-allowing your cup to be filled so you can fill the cups of others.

Take a deep breath this day. Remember to be patient and good to yourself. And, if you do many things or just a few, secure that all of it is filled with love.

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