finding your worth

In the Christmas hymn, “O Holy Night,” there is this beautiful and heartening line:

“Til He appears and the soul felt its’ worth.”

I imagine on that first Christmas, when Mary and Joseph held God’s miracle in their arms, their souls, at long last, felt its worth. From initial disbelief to acceptance of God’s will, this humbled couple recognized their role in human (and divine) history.

As we prepare for Christmas in a few short days, when we invite God to enter into our hearts once again, may our souls feel its worth as well.

Will you, this Christmas day, allow yourself to be transformed, to see your greatness, and to be open to all of the possibilities that exist?

Will you bring Christ into the world by sharing the gift of yourself with neighbor and stranger, alike?

If we are safe and unselfish, this will be a different Christmas. Allow the pain of loss of life, of traditions, of safety to shape a new heart within. Like the first holy family, under the dark clouds of insecurity, your soul will find its worth in the gift that is God.

Like that first Christmas night, be reminded of God’s gentle hand that is shaping within you a purpose that will lift spirits, reminding others of the unconditional love of our God. If we can do this, then even in this dark year, we, too, can celebrate a true holy night this Christmas.

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  1. Thank you, Jimmy. I needed to hear this. God bless you and your family this holy season. Jean Maffia

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