“I’m stuck dad.”

These words came from Shea, my almost 4-year old daughter, as she lifted herself off the step stool to see her reflection in the mirror earlier this morning. Holding on to the top of the dresser and not feeling the stool underneath, she started to panic.

From a few feet away, I could see she was fine. Even if she fell, she wasn’t more than a foot off the ground.

From her perspective, she was “stuck” and she needed a helping hand. Her moment of joy in seeing her matching bow and dress quickly transformed into fear. She could no longer see the divine spark in her reflection.

In today’s Gospel reading from Matthew,  Peter finds himself stuck as well. He is literally walking on water toward Jesus, but as soon as he takes his eyes off of the strength of God and starts to focus on the strength of the wind, he begins to sink- that is until Jesus extends his hand.

Jesus then says to Peter, ““O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”

How often does God wonder the same about us?

As I watched my daughter today, I almost chuckled as she was so close to the ground, and I was standing right there. I wonder, why did she doubt?

Shouldn’t she know that I would never let her fall.

Do we know that God looks upon us the same way.

In this storm of a year, God is inviting us to trust. We are invited to encounter the divine, to see and perform the miraculous, and to know that God is always there.

Just look in the rearview mirror of your life. In all of the past storms, the moments of chaos and unknown, was God not there, extending God’s hand toward you?

You simply being alive right now, with a cup overflowing with blessings, should be enough to never doubt the goodness of our God.

This doesn’t mean life isn’t hard- it is.

And this doesn’t mean we should ignore all of the world’s hurt and injustice- rather it should motivate us to be like God for others, to extend our hand to reveal God’s presence to those who could use this reminder.

We are invited once again to trust and to know that even during this storm of a year, God is there.

Matthew tells us that after Peter gets into the boat, the wind calms. The same occurs for us when we are in relationship with our Creator.

As I watched Shea hang a foot off the ground, my fatherly wish was that she would not worry as I was there. I would never let her fall.

Jesus thought the same thing as Peter walked toward Him on water.

He says the same to us today – “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”

The invitation to enter the boat of life with God at our side is ours to finally accept.




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