When Opportunity Knocks…

For this past week, onInstagram, I have been inviting this virtual community (as well as myself) to transform their lives and the lives of others.

I often focus on the better utilization of our God-given gifts and talents as a path to living a life that is true to our self.

Another path is presented in the opportunities that unexpectedly develop each and every day- moments to choose to be kind and to love.

These acts of kindness are plentiful, often unseen and unrecognized. In some ways, it is found in simple acts- like holding a door open for someone. I am always stuck how my students recognize this as an important behavior that reflects the greater culture on campus.

In other ways, acts of kindness and love require courage, acting beyond the rules, and loving unconditionally.

One such moment is captured in the video above.

This scene is from a 2014 Garth Brooks concert in Minnesota. His fan, Teresa Shaw, received chemotherapy for stage 3 breast cancer earlier that day, and captures the attention of Garth with a homemade sign, setting up a truly beautiful moment.

What struck me most outside of the emotional looks on Garth’s and Teresa’s faces was the perhaps overlooked kindness of the ushers, the angels in disguise, who first noticed the sign and then moved Teresa closer to the stage so Garth could read her sign.

By their action, inspiration flowed- not just for the tens of thousands at the Target Center that night, but for the millions who have watched this video or heard this story over the past 6 years.

Do they know that their act of kindness changed the world?

Do they realize that their love was multiplied by immeasurable numbers?

They could have smiled, even shed a tear, without moving her as that action was not within their work responsibilities.

It was within their human responsibilities, however. It was an opportunity they took to shine the divine light, transforming lives in the process.

Be on the lookout for opportunities today to love, to go beyond the business of your day, to be kind- to love.

When opportunity knocks, answer the door!

Or as the Book of Proverbs teaches us, “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act (3:27).”



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