Day 29: What I’ve Learned

This reflection is a part of a month-long series titled, 30 Days of Healing, as we seek to be instruments of peace and change.

This month, each day starting on the June 2nd, we focused on the need to heal and to be healed.

As I shared in an earlier post, I found myself really struggling at times this month as I came to understand my wounds in a real, deeper, and intimate fashion.

I pray you grew this month and in some small way these daily reflections played an influential role.

As life once served again as teacher, this time I was a focused student. Informed by spiritual teachers, the working of the Holy Spirit, and invited into loving communities, this month healed many of those parts of my being that have been hurting for some time.

What I learned most of all is best summarized by Henri Nouwen: “You are the place where God chose to dwell.”

God dwells within you. All the healing, and all the possibilities. Trust and come to know this as true. Once you accept it, you will realize how God moves through you, and transforms you into a new creation.

May we continue to heal, be healed, and to know who and where God is!

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