Day 27: Gift

This reflection is a part of a month-long series titled, 30 Days of Healing, as we seek to be instruments of peace and change.

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For much of this month, as I wrote these evening reflections focusing on healing, in my arms rested my daughter, Lily.

Seven-weeks this Wednesday, she is a gentle, sweet child who is revealing her personality each day. As I sought (and yearned) for clarity these past few weeks, she brought (forgive the Christmas hymn) heavenly peace.

I write often of Dr. Wayne Dyer, as he continues to teach me from the other side. As I searched for guidance this month, I came across an interview where he spoke of how we, for the first 9-months of life, did not question or worry, we simply allowed God to create us into being in our mother’s womb. Then, as we get older, we begin to Edge God Out (EGO), and forget how God was in control in our creation story.

As I hold my child, I marvel at her very being. I truly understand how this miracle of life is gift, and I am blessed to serve as her father.

As I continue to reflect on healing, I am reminded of God’s guiding hand in our lives. The God that creates us as a child does not suddenly abandon us when we begin to “edge God out” in our attempts to meet the demands of society, expectations of others, and superficial needs. God is always leading us, forming us, guiding us- we just do not always recognize God’s presence in our lives.

As I seek healing, I am comforted by the child that rests on my chest. This mutual exchange of love is precious and sacred and yes, fleeting.

You may not have a newborn grounding you, but you have others who are calling you home. From stranger, to neighbor, to loved one, too distant and/or former friend, God is there too.

Seek God in the person and in all of creation. Allow God to heal and grow in you. It is a gift that keeps on giving- are you ready now to receive it?

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