Day 21: Bittersweet

Me and my girls this Father’s Day

On this Father’s Day, I was struck by the many social media posts honoring our fathers, both living and deceased.

While I am blessed to be a father of two beautiful children and to call my dad my friend, I am moved by so many who mourn the hole in their heart this day.

These days can be bittersweet. While some look forward to this day, others dread it. Many feel a little, or a lot, of both.

There are no words to heal the pain of the loss of those father figures other than returning, perhaps reluctantly, to gratitude.

Grateful for the gift of father’s, grandfather’s, godfather’s, uncle’s, etc. Some living, some deceased. All claiming parts of our very being.

While we may miss those who have crossed over, today we offer a prayer of gratitude for those who loved us the most.

And we pray, that when it is our time, those who once showed us the way will do so again.

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