Day 20: Healing is Hard

This reflection is a part of a month-long series titled, 30 Days of Healing, as we seek to be instruments of peace and change.

During this month dedicated to healing, I have wrote not just for you, but for me as well.

This past month has brought personal and professional challenges, including the loss of loved ones and religious leaders.

While I offer insights both from myself and a variety of voices, it is important to recognize that yes, this is hard.

Healing from trauma takes time. We must be patient with ourselves.

My simple point for today is simple: be kind to you.

One more thought: As I seek inspiration and peace, I have to work with intention to find time to be with God.

Allow God into your healing and join me during this very difficult time to be pilgrims on the journey.

May we continue to heal this summer to be people of faith, people of love.

One Comment on “Day 20: Healing is Hard

  1. Thank you for the reminder, Dr. Jimmy. As a nation we need to remember that to find “inspiration and peace, [we all] have to work with intention to find time to be with God.”

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