Day 8: Who Loved You Into Being?

This reflection is a part of a month-long series titled, 30 Days of Healing, as we seek to be instruments of peace and change.

In 1997, Fred (Mr.) Rogers, during an acceptance speech, invited the audience to join him in silence for ten seconds to reflect on all those individuals who loves them into being.

As the audience reflected on all of the people who loved them, tears flowed from their eyes and judging by their transformed faces, their hearts were full.

God gives us 86,400 seconds a day. Can you take 10 of them to reflect?

Even better, can you take 60 of them, just one minute, to reflect on the love that formed you into who you are today?

If this was a daily exercise, you could reflect on those who showed you love- by a kind gesture, a timely phone call or note, or a warm embrace.

Give yourself this gift of reflection. And after that minute, fall to your knees in gratitude for the gift of love.

Last summer, when working with close to 100 student leaders, I invited them into this process. To my surprise, many of them started to identify their peers in the room who loved them on campus. The energy in the room changed. It was a grace-filled experience.

I share this as there is such a value to thanking others for their love. Take time to express your gratitude to those companions who loved you. It will be a gift for you both.

2 Comments on “Day 8: Who Loved You Into Being?

  1. Ah, Dr. Jimmy, this was a wonderful invitation. I took you up on it. I gave it a couple of minutes, in fact. I wasn’t finished with my list in only a minute! Yes, our lives are so much a result of those people on earth who love us and our God above – and His Holy Spirit in us … infilling us with God’s love. Thank you for pouring yours out on us, too. God bless you! <3

    • Thank you. It is such a life-giving exercise! I find that I need more than a minute as well-how blessed we are! Thank you!! God bless you as well

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