Day 3: Finding The Holy

This reflection in a part of a month-long series titled, 30 Days of Healing, as we seek to be instruments of peace and change.


Making your morning coffee.

Preparing a meal for you and/or loved one.

Negotiating bed time routines with my toddler and rocking my newborn to sleep.

Taking a  cleansing shower, brushing your teeth, folding warm, clean clothes.

Every morning, you wake and you enter into a series of tasks. For those who are self-isolating, this may even feel like a daily remake of the film  “Groundhog Day.”

The invitation before us is to find God in all of this.

In other words, find the holy.

Each movement becomes ritual. The sacred and familiar point us to God, both above and within.

Once we see these mundane tasks as ritual, they take on a deeper meaning. As you transform your perspective, consider these steps:

  1. Find gratitude: You will miss these tasks when the storyline changes and when these days are gone. For example, as I prepare meals for my family, I remind myself to thank God for the blessing of a family to feed.
  2. Pay Attention: As you move through these rituals, pay attention to your thoughts. I find that as I fold clothes, for example, my mind jumps from thought to thought. Stay there, ask why they are surfacing and learn from them.
  3. Talk to God: Be in relationship with God. Open your heart and share what God already knows. This will provide healing as you go through the motions.
  4. Listen: As you open the ears of your heart during rituals like a Church Service or Shabbat dinner, listen to God speaking to you as you crack an egg, dust the furniture, and vacuum the carpet.

If we are going to heal others, we must do some of our own inner work. Seek healing inside your soul.

Especially as many of us cannot attend our places of worship, find God in your own home. Turn your tasks into ritual, filled with gratitude, attention, sharing and listening.

This will heal you. It will strengthen you. It will transform you.

Stay in the moment, and you will find the holy in your blessed day of rituals.


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