“I am Light of the World.” (John 8:12)

Jesus tells us that He is light of the world. What impact might these words have on us today?

Perhaps God is challenging us to consider the idea of light itself. Like a flashlight in darkness, light shines through the darkness to reveal what is really there.

Isn’t this what Jesus did when he walked this same planet.

Didn’t He reveal who was really here but often forgotten and pushed aside, bringing the poor and marginalized out of the darkness?

Didn’t He, by His words and actions,  focus our attention on divine love instead of the societal temptation and pressures of success, self-image, status, and reputation (to name a few).

Seeing with the light that is Jesus changes the ballgame. In Jesus, we find that we have been playing by the wrong rules, often missing out on the peace and joy that God always provides- but it is hidden from us as we are serving ourselves and our needs instead of serving others.

We are often missing the point of this life, buried in fear of survival. Our politicians depend on us getting stuck in the place of “othering” those who are different, as does many companies and industries. Their wealth depends on it.

Some, including ourselves if we are truly honest, might even model Jesus to justify our agenda, our possessions, and way of life.

The real Jesus shows us a different way.

Return to the Gospels, read and pray with the words that came from Jesus’ mouth. Allow that same Holy Spirit to tug at your heart and you will begin to see clearer.

  • Those who are in the way now become your responsibility.
  • Those who you do not understand present an opportunity to learn and to care and to respond with justice and love.
  • Those who hurt you challenge your heart to stretch to love and to forgive.
  • Those who cause agitation and anger invites self-reflection to examine what might be revealing a shadow side of your own identity.

This Lent, let us take these words from Jesus as an invitation to see with Him as light. What might Jesus’ light reveal as a reality out of the darkness.

One Comment on “LIGHT TO TRULY SEE

  1. Yes, Jimmy, it is true that we are invited by the dividers to find ourselves “stuck in the place of ‘othering’ those who are different.” We need to resist those “dividers” – and be the UNIFIERS that Jesus calls us to be – and demonstrated for us. Thank you for reminding me to do as He did: “stretch [my heart] to love and to forgive.” God bless you!

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