LENT 2020

57,600 minutes. How do you measure a season of love?

The 40-day Lenten journey that many Christians begin this Wednesday invites a deeper exploration of what it means to be in love with God.

When Lent ends, we will find ourselves in mid-April. The weather will be warmer, the sun out longer, and baseball will be in full swing (pardon the pun).

How will you be different because of these 57,600 minutes?

  • How many minutes will you spend in prayer, dwelling in the love of God that lives within you, within your place of worship, within your neighbor, and within nature?
  • How many minutes will you spend serving, sharing your talents and time to reflect God’s love to and for others?
  • How many minutes will you fast from certain food and treats, and how many minutes will you fast from behaviors that divide us from God and from others– actions like gossip,  lying, unauthentic comments, and unfair thoughts of judgement and criticism?

How many minutes will you spend over the 40-days of Lent to emerge from the other side as a greater reflection of who God is as Creator and Source of love.

Join me here at starting this Wednesday for a short daily reflection that attempts to capture the love of God that we are all invited to experience deeply.

I will also be sharing on social media additional resources that reflect a variety of voices, including a Lenten reflection series by members of the St. John’s University community.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

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