A Snapshot of Holiness


The first appearance of the sun was still a few hours away.

I was  sandwiched on the couch between my toddler who woke suddenly with a fever and my wife who was struggling with severe asthma. On this day when the larger Catholic Church would celebrate the Holy Family (Mary, Jesus, and Joseph),  I prayerfully recognized that this was snapshot of my holy family.

The lessons of Mary, Joseph and Jesus are plentiful- especially in the midst of mystery and confusion. I find comfort in their intercession and spiritual presence, and for this, I am grateful and blessed.


I held my family a little closer that morning, and in the days since-holding on to the precious sacredness of those moments, and often at times, praying for healing.

Instinct in times of fright leads me to quietly pray, “Be with me, God.” Over time, I recognized that a better mantra was, “God, I know you are here.”

Because God is. Always.

I am getting better at reminding myself of this truth.

We do not summon God like a genie. God is ever-present, always there, invariably waiting for us to remember.

So, remember:

In the midst of your trials and challenges- God is there.

On those easier days, those joyful hours and snapshots we wish to remember- God is there.

When you are at your worst, and at your best- God is there.

When you look in the eyes of another- even those who hurt you- God is there.

When you look in the eyes in the mirror- God is there.



the state of being holy.
“a life of holiness and total devotion to God”

This is what makes holiness possible- the awareness of the presence of our loving creator in all things, within all things.

Once we can live in this light, we can truly devote ourselves to our God, including cherishing the present snapshot of holiness that is this very moment in time.

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