Advent Reflection: A Time of Preparation


Prepare the way…

Prepare your holiday menus for those who will break bread with you in the coming weeks.

Prepare your to-do lists to keep track of the December demands.

Prepare your home with decorations, cleanliness, and the sounds and smells of the season.

Prepare the gifts and cards that attempt to represent your love, appreciation, and well wishes.

Prepare your schedule to serve those on the margins, to offer a helping hand, and to improve the lives of others.

Prepare your unique and common traditions that remind you of childhood memories and of yesteryear. With the hanging of every ornament and the rediscovery of handwritten recipes, watch the memories flow from your mind to your soul.

Prepare the way…

All of these preparations serve as the background to this Advent season- a special time of preparation itself.

God uses all of the above preparations to touch your heart:

  • to remind you that you are God’s beloved.
  • to remind you of your connections to the human family, both present and transitioned.
  • to remind you of the daily invitation to reflect God’s love in a world that needs you to be you.

This time of preparation is as personal as it is communal. Like the wise men, follow the star that is your conscience to lead you to your God.

Be not afraid of the risk, simply be faithful to what is being born within you to not only transform your life, but the life of others.

Yes, prepare the way for all that these next few weeks will bring. In the tears and in the joy, remember that God is with you, within you, and currently transforming your heart.

May Advent be a time of preparation that leads to transformation- our world is waiting patiently for you to reflect the love of our merciful God.




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