An Advent Journey


Advent, the start of the new liturgical year in the Catholic Church, began yesterday. In Churches across the world, that first purple candle was lit, setting bright the path before us- all leading to Christmas Day.

Over these 24 days, an invitation remains before us. God is once extending God’s hands to each one of us, offering a deeper, closer relationship with our Creator.

Like all other seasons, these days will come and go. Perhaps this time can be different. Perhaps this time can be one of gift- an opportunity where you allow God to be gift to you, and you to be gift to others.

Join me these days for a daily, short reflection on how God is calling each one of us to light the way to a deeper union and relationship with our God- so that this Christmas, we can truly reflect on these days of preparation as fulfilled opportunities of bringing God into the lives of our fellow companions on this journey.

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