It Won’t Be Like This For Long

Shea on her 3rd birthday.

“It won’t be like this for long.”

These words played earlier this morning as the backdrop to the daily routine of preparing meals and steaming clothes for the day.

This song, sung by Darius Rucker, was an early morning wake up call to appreciate the present in all of its glory.


An hour later as I walked to work, the theme of appreciation continued. I opened social media on my phone and I found this familiar meme capturing a memorable scene from the final episode of the Office:


As my day continued, I heard the heavenly call to reflect on appreciating the ordinary. I soon realized the preciousness of these moments that make up my day. I looked around and within, and I thought:

  • These mundane tasks, from making the coffee to convincing my toddler to wear sneakers are all accomplished with love.
  • The growing to-do list represents purpose, challenges, and opportunity.
  • The piled laundry, scattered toys, and dirty dishes reflect a home that is full of life and love.
  • Encountering friends, family, colleagues, and students- they are all in some sought of transition. They are carrying baggage, they are hiding wounds, they are looking and yearning for acceptance and love- and I can, in whatever small and ordinary way, be a friend to them all.

There will be future days when my tasks will be different, when our home is more in order, and when the to-do list will vary in size and importance.

I will surely look back at the memories of this day, and all the ones before and after- and I will smile for the blessings that helped fill my heart, all leading me into a deeper relationship with God and with all of God’s creation.

How we  look at our present moment, even in the midst of our challenges (no matter how great they may be), is the task at hand. It is perhaps one of the greatest of spiritual tests that life presents us.

In an ever-changing world, how do we soak in the moment- the encounter- the complexity- all with unconditional love?

My virtual friends, it will not be like this for long-for better and for worse. Find the holy in the ordinary of your day- and may we all look at these moments, both in the present and in the future, with great appreciation for the both hidden and clear blessings from our Creator.



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