1095 Days

My almost 3-year old daughter, Shea, rested in my arms Sunday night.

Surrounded by decorations and unwrapped early gifts on our living room floor, her upcoming birthday invited me into a deeper reflection on my little angel.

On Friday, we will celebrate her third birthday- 1,095 days since Shea was born.

Throughout those blessed roller coaster days and countless sleepless nights, she transformed into this toddler that leaves me simply in awe.

There is a reason why so many said and say, “it goes by so fast.”

Because it does.

As I held her in my arms on Sunday, I looked at her miniature teeth and curly locks of blonde hair.

My memory strained to remember those uneventful days and nights when she rested in my arms, unable to speak or do much on her own.

I marvel at her now, as I did for all of these 1,090+ days. I am blessed in the greatest of ways to call her my daughter. Of all that God invites me to be, her father, along with being her mother’s partner, is my greatest of vocations and why God placed me on this beautiful planet.

As I reflect tonight on the gift of my Shea, I understand why Jesus tells us to become like children. They reveal something about our true selves, something at the core of who we are as God’s beloved.

As I prepare to celebrate 1,095 days of Shea, I can only pray that God gives me tens of thousands more days to stand and sit and kneel in awe at one of God’s most beautiful creations.

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  1. She is absolutely adorable! A precious gift indeed. And how blessed she is to have an adoring, faith-filled daddy! Have a Wonderful Birthday week with her. Happy Birthday, Shea!❤️🎉

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