Who Can We Trust?

Talking Heads by Rohan Dumbre

My reflection this morning while driving to the store on an empty Queens street brought me to the concept of trust.

I started to consider the media and the talking heads that speak to their base. The subjective take on a story instead of the objective full picture. How every story divides us, distracts us from the truth.

As we are divided in our thoughts, dinner table chatter, and social media posts, those in power continue to prosper. And the poor continue to suffer.

Crimes against humanity grab the headlines until the next shiny story takes its place. Just look at our borders as a prime example.

Who can we trust?

We know the angle that network news take as they rally their troops, stirring emotions of fear and anger.

We look to our politicians and most are focusing on policies to secure their self-gain and their re-election, often involving unfair bills that lead to financial gains to pay for their future success.

We turn to other news sources, leaders, and “experts,” and we have to ask, what is in it for them? What side of the coin do they want us to see.

I do not have an answer to these questions. But I do have another question?

Can you be trusted? Can we? Can I?

Are you telling the truth, in all matters of life? Are you, am I, no different than these in which we criticize and are disappointed in daily?

Can we give an objective view of a situation? Can we be honest, even if it leads to greater challenges and even some hurt and pain?

We cannot control those in charge, those with the loudest voice? But we can control our voice. And it is powerful.

Do we seek unity in our words and action? Do we seek reconciliation and love?

To those who love us and depend on us- can they trust us?

The world is filled with enough dishonest and self-serving noise. Might we be a refreshing voice of love, honesty, and peace.

Perhaps it will even change the world, at the very least, it will change your world and all those who live in it.

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