Do Your Best

“Daddy, please make a dinosaur for me,” she said while handing me a small, square napkin.

“I will try,” I said. “But this will be hard to do.”

With the cutest smile, Shea, my almost three year old daughter responded, “just do your best.”

I have wrote before that one of my greatest teachers has been this angelic toddler. She reminds me of what matters most and like this example, she reflects encouragement and simplicity that we all can benefit from in a world of great expectations.

I rolled the white napkin into what would easily be mistaken as a leftover product of fidgeting hands.

Shea accepted that “dinosaur” with an approving smile, and she held on to it all day. When I tucked her in at night, the dinosaur rested next to her baby dolls that accompanied her into a deep slumber.

As I continue to grow and learn, I am blessed to be reminded that through her eyes, like God’s, we do not have to live up to the superficial and often trivial expectations.

We just need to be ourselves, and remain true to that.

Michelangelo was true to himself and he gave us David and the Sistine Chapel. In that moment, Shea reminded me to be true to myself and to do my best and she cherished that product as if it was as priceless as any Renaissance masterpiece.

Shea was true to herself as well, reminding me and now you to let go, be free of whatever expectations you or others may put upon you, and to just do your best.

It is enough.

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