Your Light, My Light



Last night, my daughter Shea saw a lightning bug for the first time.

And as the photo above demonstrates, she saw its’ light.

I marvel at this photo. How amazing it is that she could see this bug and its’ random neon green light and appreciate it for all of its beauty. As the lightning bugs floated around her, it was a magical moment with and from nature.

I am reminded of the phrase said often at the end of a yoga class, “the light in me recognizes the light in you.”

At a time when it feels as if we are overcome with the darkness of hate, of labeling and seeing others for what we think we see, when in fact we do not at all understand, we have this beautiful encounter between God’s creation.

Imagine if we could, if you could, if I could, see the light in others the way Shea saw it in this random bug. Just imagine…….

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