Stop Waiting for the Funeral

So much happens at a funeral and the wake.

Time is made to see loved ones and distant friends. It is a time that wasn’t always made when all were alive.

Forgiveness is offered and received. The new perspective on life makes what was once important, important no more.

Reflection on life, especially the reminder that one day we will be the one people come to see. What will they say that was never said when our heart was beating? What will we no longer be able to say- will they know we love them?

We are all guilty of this- waiting for the wake to find the time, to seek and offer and accept forgiveness, and to express (and not express) our love.

For many, funerals are the most common family reunion. It doesn’t have to be this way.

When we receive that dreaded call, our normal day-to-day hits the pause button. Like a plane that is grounded mid-flight, we are presented with an unexpected (and often unwelcome) opportunity to seek love and healing, and to give it, all while we mourn the loss of a loved one.

Let this be a gentle reminder to you and to me to stop waiting for that phone to ring with a crying voice on the other end to show up, make amends, and to express our love.

As much as you may be hurting, or angry, or even feeling emotions such as betrayal, pain, despair- always seek love. Relationships may change but seek peace in your heart and give that heavenly peace through your love.

As you likely resist, ask God for that amazing grace to give love. As Jesus did while nailed to the cross, He forgave those who put Him there. He expressed his love to His mother and friend. He even lifted the spirits of the robber who died next to Him.

From the cross, Jesus still extended love. From your cross- can you do the same?

There will be a day when you will find the time, and you will be ready to forgive and to express your love. Do not wait for that day to be at the funeral home.

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