Why Do I Create


The pen doesn’t know what it must write, the brush doesn’t know what it must paint, and the chisel doesn’t know what it must sculpt. When God takes someone into his hands in order to raise a new work in his Church, the person chosen doesn’t know what she should do. She’s just the instrument. And I think that this might be the case with me.

These are the words of Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare Movement. The Focolare Movement is an International organization  I stumbled upon these words earlier today, and it is just another example of how God’s Holy Spirit moves into and through our lives.

Chiara Lubich and St. John Paul II 


Just this morning in my time for reflection, I wrestled with the important idea of purpose and the less important idea of success (always a dangerous self-assessment) of my many vocations, including writing.

And then, God spoke and I thankfully (this time) listened. As a writer (also an artist and a sculptor, and as a minister), I resonate with this above quote.

Like Chiara, I pray that God takes me and that God takes you  to be God’s instrument to raise a new work in our world- to be a reflection of God’s love and hope for God’s creation.

In a very divided world, where the cry of the poor only grows in volume, may we respond with love and may we be like Chiara, a name chosen in honor of St. Clare of Assisi, to be an instrument used by God to change the world for the better.

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