With New Eyes

Jesus says in the Sermon on the Mount (MT5-7) that our eyes are the lamp of the body.

How we see determines what we see.

Jesus uses the world “healthy,” calling us to have healthy eyes instead of unhealthy eyes that fill our bodies with darkness.

If we see with eyes that are in darkness, we will see darkness. If we see with eyes that are in light, we will be enlightened, and we will see the light, the divine, in all things.

Fr. John Kettelberger, CM, former Chaplain at St. John’s University in New York, would talk often of putting on “Vincentian eye glasses” during his homilies at the University’s student Mass.

Vincentians are known for knowing, loving, and serving the poor. These Vincentian glasses would allow one to see the poor as God- to see their light. Once we do this, we no longer judge, we serve, and we love.

What we once saw as wrong, we now seek to understand. What we once saw as black and white, we now seek compassion in the grayness of life.

How we look at the world not only changes how we see, it also changes how people see us.

The light that shines from our eyes attracts the light in others. As is said at the conclusion of a yoga session, the light in me sees the light in you.

Let us put on glasses that are of God, always seeking love and light in all things.

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