“After so many favors that were set down in my vocation in this world, a new blessing has come to me, to know the greatest joy probably it is possible to experience here below: I am a father!”

– Blessed Frederic Ozanam, 1845

On this Father’s Day, 2019, I am grateful for the day to bask in the divine love of being a father to Shea Catherine Maria Walters.

There is much I can say about the joys of fatherhood. I can go on and on about the impact of my father, and so many father figures who shaped and shape me into who I am and who I strive to become as a brother to all of God’s creation.

Yet tonight, after a day of love, my words point to this fact: I am simply blessed. I offer my gratitude to the God that trusted me with this great responsibility and gift of fatherhood.

There were many days in my adult life when I was not a father, and some of those days were more difficult than others. I found peace in knowing that my impact on others was real and to be appreciated, even if it didn’t come with a Hallmark card. I learned to find gratitude in the relationships that I formed, and I transitioned my energy to being a gift for those who needed a smile, a listening ear, and a friend. It wasn’t always easy.

As my life shifted three years ago, I found this new vocation to be an incredible gift. I was made to be a dad, and during these almost 1,000 days of fatherhood, I can only pray that my mistakes are learning moments, that my sense of wonder and awe remains, and that my love is unconditional as it reflects the love of our creator.

A blessed Father’s Day to all, and my gratitude to all of you who shine God’s love in every and all relationships.


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