What Is Jesus Doing?

When I was a teenager, I used to wear a plastic wristband with the letters “WWJD.”

It was a constant reminder to ask “What Would Jesus Do” for any situation.

Earlier today, this memory returned. In the reflection, WWJD transitioned to a different question, WIJD: What is Jesus Doing?

This is an internal question. It speaks to Jesus acting through the Holy Spirit who then moves within my soul. It also speaks to the movement of the Holy Spirit within others, especially those in whom I come into contact each day.

What is Jesus doing? What is Jesus trying to tell me?

The answer does not come in a loud voice, rather it is found in a simple, and often silent response that is found in the depth of our heart.

Too often we look up to the heavens, instead of within. God lives within you.

The answer to what Jesus is doing is an intimate reflection. It is also a powerful one as it shows us how to better live, how to better love.

If we can do this, recognizing how God is moving within us, we will live as our true self, and we will inspire others to do the same.

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